2020   "Legalization of International Institutions  and Its Discontents:   GATT vs. WTO  Adjudication, 1989-2015." 

               American Political Science Association.

2020   “Heterogeneity in How Investors Respond to Disputes: Greenfield FDI and Co-Industrial Disputes” 

               with Erica Owen and GS Shim.  Political Economy of International Organization (Poster), Vancouver, Canada.

2019   “Heterogeneity in How Investors Respond to Disputes: Greenfield FDI and Co-Industrial  Disputes”

               with Erica Owen and GS Shim. International Political Economy Society, San Diego, CA.

2019    “Democracy and Protection: Estimating the Moderating Effect of Factor Endowments” 

                with William Roberts Clark. American Political Science Association, Washington DC.

2019    “Political Tensions and FDI in Developing Countries: Sectoral Heterogeneity  and  the Risk-Return Tradeoff”

                with Yohan Park. American Political Science  Association,  Washington DC.

2019   “Bargaining in the Shadow of a Dispute Settlement Mechanism: GATT vs.  WTO Adjudication.”   

               Midwest Association of Political Science, Chicago, IL.

2019   “Political Tensions and FDI in Developing Countries: Sectoral Heterogeneity through Opportunism  and

               Risk-Return Tradeoff” with Yohan Park.  Midwest  Association of Political Science, Chicago, IL.

2019   “DYNSIMPIE II: Software for Estimating and Presenting Dynamic Pie Models”  with Flavio D. S. Souza, Andrew Q.  

               Philips,  Guy D. Whitten, and Amanda Rutherford.  Texas Political Methodology Conference (Poster), Houston, TX.

2017   “Heterogeneity in Investor Response to Investment Disputes: New data on home-host-industry greenfield

               investment” with Erica Owen and GS Shim.  American Political Science Association, San Francisco, CA

2017   “Bargaining in the Shadow of a Dispute Settlement Mechanism: GATT vs.  WTO Adjudication.”

               American Political Science Association, San Francisco, CA.

2016   “Promoting Cooperation by Bringing More Disputes.” American Political Science Association, Philadelphia, PA.

2015   “Design, Disparity, and Disuse of Dispute Settlement Mechanisms.” American Political Science Association

               (Poster), San Francisco, CA.

2015   “Distinguishing Territorial Structure from Electoral Adventurism: Sources of Low Party Nationalization”

               with Thomas Mustillo. Midwest Association of Political  Science, Chicago, IL.

2015   “Power Asymmetry in the Use of Dispute Settlement: Regional v.s. Multilateral  Trade Regime.”  

               International Studies Association, New Orleans, LA.

2013   “Dispute Settlement Mechanisms and Power Asymmetry in Regional Trade Agreements.” 

               International Political Economy Society, Claremont, CA.



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