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"LaTeX is a high-quality typesetting system; it includes features designed for the production of technical and scientific documentation. LaTeX is the de facto standard for the communication and publication of scientific documents."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               


Tutorial for beginners:

Andrew Roberts

Spoken-video tutorial





(2) Select a LaTex Editor
For Windows:   

TeXstudio - Open source 

TeXworks - Open source

LyX - Open source:  MS-Words-like environment. 

Komodo IDE - professional development environment for multilagnuages (Python, PHP, Ruby ,Perl, HTML/CSS/JavaScript). BUT  expensive 

-I have purchased its student version but I use it for Python. Because I got used to WinEdt and have its license.

WinEdt - all-purpose editor for Windows - not free but not affordable (for student, US $40)

-I started using WinEdt 7.0 and  I am currently using it. The newer version, WinEdt9.0 is now available. What I like the most about this editor is its Stata-dofile-like environment. 


For Mac OS X and Linux: 

TeXstudio - Open source 

TeXworks - Open source

LyX - Open source: MS-Words-like environment

And some more..... 


Comparison of  variousTeX editors is available here


(6) LaTeX Books


LaTeX Beginner's Guide - eBook

-  easy to follow:  basic documentation with LaTeX

-  Math formulas, scientific expressions

-  How to include graphics: figures and tables


LaTeX Companion, The, 2nd Edition

-  Basic formatting tools-  all types of publications  from memos to encyclopedias

-  Nearly 1,000 fully tested examples 

-  The latest packages:  mathematical, multilingual 

-  Detailed help on all error messages: troublesome low-level TeX errors


Also find other LaTeX books here

(7) Useful Packages

TikZ: to produce complex graphics. You can draw game trees and other figures for comparative statics of your game - find the guide here

hyperref:  hyperlinks in PDF documents  to websites or to other labels and cross-references within the document

amsthm: environments for theorems, lemmas, proofs 

amsmath:  typesetting mathematics

xcolor:   with hyperref in pstricks

pstricks: macros for diagrams - trees,  arrows, plots 

longtable:  for breaking across pages between rows; Find the guide here

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